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Scientific Advances

This just in on Yahoo News. Scientists have discovered that hydrogen sulfide helps to control blood pressure in mice. This wouldn't be so weird, were it not that Hydrogen sulfide is the fancy term for - there's just no pleasant way to say it - gas. Apparently the gas is created by cells in the blood vessels, and this causes the vessels to relax, and maintain blood pressure. The gas is then released from the colon. Quoting the co-author of the study, Johns Hopkins neuroscientist Solomon H. Snyder, M.D., "Now that we know hydrogen sulfide's role in regulating blood pressure, it may be possible to design drug therapies that enhance its formation as an alternative to the current methods of treatment for hypertension". Seriously, I am not making this up. A scientist is saying that we might want to give ourselves more gas. I'm guessing that he doesn't socialize much. And scientists wonder why they have the reputation for not being good with people.

Levi Stubbs

Sad news out of MoTown today. It was announced that Levi Stubbs had passed away at the age of 72. Many of you probably have no idea who Levi Stubbs was, but he was one of my favorite singers. As the lead singer for The Four Tops, he was one of the great voices of 60's pop. Another perhaps little-known fact is that he was the voice of Audrey, the man-eating venus flytrap in the movie version of "Little Shop of Horrors". He had a great baritone voice, and it is really displayed in one of my all-time favorite songs, the Tops classic "(Reach Out) I'll Be There". Another memorable one is "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)". Considering all the craziness and line-up changes The Supremes and The Temptations went through, it's really cool that The Four Tops stayed with the same line-up for over 40 years, and that Mr. Stubbs stayed married to the same woman for almost 50 years. If you were to judge groups based on longevity, and group un

No Joy in Mudville

No joy in Mudville this week. The Dodgers lost to the Phillies in 5 games - no National League pennant and no trip to the world series. And BYU got creamed by TCU 32-7. No trip to a BCS bowl, and no conference championship. (Say it ain't so, Bronco!) I'd cry in my beer, but since I don't drink, I'm left with wallowing in self-pity and sad country songs.

Reba and Kelly

Two words: REBA MCENTIRE! Several months ago I purchased tickets to see Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson. I'm a huge fan of Reba and my friend Steph and I have pretty much decided that we will go see her whenever she comes to town. I prepped by spending the two days leading up to the concert listening to all of my CD's. It was all Reba, all the time. Friday night came (at last), and I got in my boots and cowboy hat, picked up my other friend and went to the concert. And I just have to say that it was fabulous! Melissa Peterman (Barbara Jean from the "Reba" TV show) opened for them by doing a stand-up routine. She was hysterical. After she finished, we waited...and then the moment came - Reba and Kelly came on stage, and I stood up and started screaming and singing along. At about that moment, an older gentleman behind me started shouting and saying to sit down, that he was trying to see the concert. HELLO! Where did he think he was? He wasn't at the symphony, or a

Rough Day/TGIF

A little bit of a rough day yesterday. A conference call that did not go too well, a meltdown with a co-worker, having to work with another more challenging co-worker, and the Dodgers losing as the result of a throwing error. Then did not sleep too well last night, probably due to the mental and emotional angst associated with all of the above. The good news is, today's another day. It's Friday, and tonight is the Reba McEntire concert. If yesterday hadn't sucked, today would not be nearly so good.

A Good Thing

Our Relief Society is encouraging the sisters in the ward to increase their study of the Book of Mormon, and has challenged us to read it for 30 minutes a day. I have to say that I have not quite gotten up to the 30 minutes, but I have been reading daily, and lately it's been a big help. I have always tried to maintain a daily morning devotional time, either reading the scriptures, or the Ensign, or the Preach My Gospel manual. I like to set a goal at the beginning of the year - One year I read all of the standard works, one year I read the Book of Mormon 4 times. This year I thought I'd focus more on Preach My Gospel. And that was fine. But I was in a bit of a funk for awhile, and I have found that going back to the Book of Mormon has really helped. I have felt the spirit more, and felt a desire to spend more time in the scriptures. I also got a new set of scriptures recently (Elder Mervyn Arnold visited our ward recently and recommended this), and it has been like I a


I was reading online today and saw an announcement for the opening of the B.B. King Blues Museum, located in Indianola, Mississippi. B.B. King was born there, and I served part of my mission there. We actually lived in Cleveland, but spent one or two days each week in Indianola. The local legend was that the town was named after an Indian maiden named Ola. At the time, it was quite a small town, but cute. I have memories of driving along B.B. King Boulevard, which was the town's major thoroughfare. I think there was also a Lucille Street (named after his guitar). I also have memories of there being a bayou right there in town, and Cypress trees growing out of the water. I was there in the summer, June to August, and I recall it being horribly hot and humid. We would go on appointments, and see people out in the cotton fields. It looked like back-breaking labor - pretty much bent over all day long. And if you ever see a cotton plant, you'll notice they are not the eas

Joy in Mudville III

So the Dodgers won the Division Series against the Cubs. I'm a bit sorry, just because of the whole 100 years thing for the Cubs - but the rest of me is happy as a clam. We will go against the Phillies in the League Championship Series that starts this week. I'm totally prepared for it now after going to Fanzz on my lunch hour today. I have a Dodgers hat and a practice jersey. Now that I have my gear, I figure all I need to do is braid my hair and I can be Manny Ramirez for Halloween (well, I guess I would need a gold tooth, too). My prediction is the Dodgers and the Red Sox for the World Series.

A Good Night

Last night was finally a night to kick back a little bit. I left work late and got home after 6:00. I popped some bread and cheese into the oven and made toasted open-face cheese sandwiches (one of my original comfort foods from when I was a kid). I turned on the TV and watched the last half of the Dodgers vs. the Cubs. The Dodgers won 7-2, with help from a grand slam by James Loney, and a solo homer by MANNY RAMIREZ. YEAH! Then I watched the season premiere of "Pushing Daisies" - my favorite show. The episode was great. It picked up with the same humor and intelligence as when it ended last season. Then I took care of some things for church and got to bed by 10:00. It was a very good night. Evenings like that don't happen very often. Usually there is a lot to keep me busy and gone. So it was really nice to just sit back and enjoy the evening and the simple pleasures of comfort food, fall baseball, and a season premiere. Falll is my favorite time of year.