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Winter Seasonal Cooking

I've talked before about my support of Wasatch Community Gardens and their annual Spring and Fall plant sales.  But they also promote a host of other educational activities. And this last week I went with my friends Rosann and Richard, and their niece Alex for a Winter Seasonal Cooking class, presented by Wasatch Community Gardens and Slow Foods Utah.  The basic idea was to show us recipes for eating seasonally, and using locally grown ingredients.  And I have to say what a fun evening it was! The food was absolutely delicious, and we met some very cool people. One couple that we met was very nice. They are realtors who specialize in helping people look for properties where they can maintain an environmentally friendly lifestyle - bicycle commuting, backyard chicken farming and gardening, etc. I thought that was very cool. Our first dish was a salad made from apples, and celery root, topped with dried cherries, roasted pistachios, and a yogurt ginger dressing.  The yogurt was m

And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

Remember a few weeks ago when my mojo was off? Yeah, well, the gremlins are back again.  It started last week with the cable going out, followed by a positive test for too much radon.  The cable is back working for the moment, but what to do about the radon? I called the state and they hemmed and hawed and really wouldn't tell me what to do.  But it seems I at least I need to do another test, and potentially install a pump system to remove it.  That was last week.  On to this week, which only gets better.   Yesterday, one of the neighbors calls to complain about the state of the community's financial reports, and since I'm the treasurer, I'm the one they like to talk down to, because they know all there is to know about QuickBooks. And of course he wanted to talk about it right while I was about to have my annual female exam - with my feet in the air - and on Valentine's Day of all days!   Then this morning I wake up to a freaking cold house - I have the thermos