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My Speciality

For the most part, I enjoy cooking.  However, there are few things that I can say that I do particularly well.  The one thing I make that is usually bound to get a good reaction is my chocolate chip cookies.  It's a pretty generic recipe, but I've added a couple of my own touches.  My family really likes them, but my co-workers go crazy for them.  This past January when our colleagues were here from the UK and the Philippines, I made some for a work party.  And they loved them too.  In fact, my friend Preeti, who lives in the UK, even asked me to make some for her to take home to her husband.  Word is that he loved them, too.  So now I consider my cookies to be world-famous.  Here's a sample for you all to drool over. I should give a word of caution, though.  Preeti is now expecting, and I'm convinced that my cookies had a little something to do with it.   A little milk, and a few cookies, and well, you know...bada bing bada baby.

My New Neighbors

Some new neighbors moved in to my bushes a month or so ago.  A father, mother, and seven little ones.  We've never really chatted, mainly because they don't speak English.  That - and they're a little skittish.  Every so often they'll come out, and I'll see them in the driveway, jabbering away to each other.  But when I try to approach they all scatter.  Last night they were out, and I decided it was time to try for a picture or two.  This time they didn't run off quite so quickly. The little ones have really grown in the last few weeks.  The parents are very good with them, teaching them how to look for food, and showing them how to fly.  I think they're a welcome addition to the neighborhood.


I may live in Utah, but I'm a big fan of Boise, as in Idaho.  I've been able to spend some time there the last few years, and think it's a great city.  It also happens to be roughly half-way between here and the home town.  It also happens to have a Holiday Inn Express.  So this past weekend, I met up with my parents and two of my nieces for a little get-away.  The trip did not necessarily start out on a good footing.  What with all the construction between here and Burley, I was darn near ready to break up with Idaho.  But thankfully the rest of the drive was uneventful, so I decided I was being a bit harsh.  I arrived at the said hotel, met up with the family, and from there we all had a great time. Among the reasons for staying at the Express was that they have free breakfast (all the girls, Aunt and Grandma included, loved the cinnamon rolls), and there's an indoor pool.  The girls couldn't wait to jump in and swim.  And being the cool aunt that I am, I jumpe

Going Meat-less

So one of my goals lately is to go meat-less.  Meaning, to eat less meat.  I don't want to go all the way vegetarian, but I do believe that it's one of those foods we should eat sparingly.  So - I've been looking for other ways to get my protein.  One of my co-workers is a vegetarian, and I've been quizzing her on how to cook with tofu, and what meat-like products she recommends.  I've also been eating a lot more beans, and I even tried my hand at a tofu stir-fry yesterday (it tasted good, but fell apart and looked more like a ground beef stir-fry).  Today after work I went to the store and bought a supply of Boca Burgers and a soy product that is supposed to look and taste like ground beef.  Then I came home and made a big batch of hummus (for those concerned about the consequences of my new diet, I also purchased a generous supply of Bean-o). I know, I know, I've said before that I would never go near tofu.  But it's one of those odd things, where it turn

Fabulous 4th and 5th

The Holiday Weekend continued yesterday.  My new ward meets in the morning, and is just a 2 minute walk away, which is incredibly convenient and attractive after so many years of going in the afternoon.  I was home by noon, changed into my casual clothes by 12:15 then started working on my dish to take to our family dinner.  While I was cooking, I watched 1776 on TCM - I really love that show, and continued reading from "Founding Mothers".   By 3:30 I was on my way to my brother's.  Played with the kids (both of the kids have new beds they were excited to show me), grilled some fruit and some chicken, then went outside and helped with the fireworks.  The kids were too excited to wait until dusk, so we actually started around 6:15.  My niece got bored pretty quick, but my nephew totally loved every minute of it, and really enjoyed helping his Dad set everything up.  We had a great evening.  I left there around 8:30, and arrived home in time to watch the rest of "A Ca

Happy 3rd of July!

The nice thing about the 4th of July being on a Sunday this year, is that it turns into a 3-day weekend.  So my celebration actually started yesterday.  It began with my braving the Ward 4th of July breakfast.  I walked across the street to the church, watched the flag ceremony, listened to a musical number, then stood around feeling pretty stupid. I stood in a corner so no one would notice me, and kept my eye out for a hasty exit.  None was really forthcoming, though, and eventually the Bishopric 1st Counselor came my way and after talking for awhile, invited me to join his family.  So I stayed for breakfast and ended up having a pleasant time visiting with them and the Bishop, who sat with us. After that, I walked home, changed clothes, and loaded up the bike in the back of the car.  My objective was to drive down to Liberty Park and ride around there.  There's just a few too many hills in my neighborhood, and I'm not that good on them yet.  And Liberty Park is pretty flat.