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FamilySearch Memories

I don't do a whole lot of family history these days. I've run in to some dead ends, and frankly, the #FamilySearch website is so frustrating that I don't want to go anywhere near it. But a few weeks ago I discovered the "FamilySearch Memories" app. It's basically a way to upload photos, stories, and recordings, and tie them to your FamilySearch account. And inspired by my sister and her girls, who are major fans of Ancestry's "Who Do You Think You Are?" tv show, I downloaded the app and started uploading old family photos. It was easy peasy, and I didn't have to spend a bunch of time scanning photos.  We then spent a lot of time over the Labor Day weekend having an informal "Family Tree Gathering", where we looked at all the photos together and figured out which ancestors were which, and how we're descended from them. It was great fun to share this with my nieces and nephews.  Adding to the fun was helping my parents down

Columbia River Temple

While I was at home in Oregon, the parents and I also took some time to drive over to Tri-Cities, Washington, to visit the Columbia River Temple, and walk around the grounds. The temple was closed for cleaning, but it was great to be on the grounds anyway. It was a beautiful day, capped off by a BYU win over Nebraska (you can see by Dad's shirt that he's representing, which most of us Mormons are wont to do whenever we go anywhere).

Nieces and Nephews

Took a quick trip up to Oregon over the Labor Day weekend to attend the baby blessing of my newest nephew, and get some quality Auntie time. I'm happy to announce that the new nephew is just as cute as can be, and loves to snuggle with just about anyone. And the rest of the nieces and nephews up there are as adorable as ever. They sure make it difficult for me to leave and come back to reality here at home.