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Family Recipes

My Grandma Peggy passed away a few weeks ago, unexpectedly.  I miss her.  One of the items of hers that I ended up with was a 1943 edition of "The Joy of Cooking".  Where she got it, I don't know.  I don't even know if she ever used it much.  But it's been fun to look through, and it's nice to think she used it.  Some of the recipes are definitely out of style now, though.  I mean, no one makes aspics anymore, or eats braunschweiger sandwiches, or cans broccoli. Now, I myself enjoy cooking, as long as it doesn't involve any kind of dough and isn't too complicated.  I watch a lot of Food Network, and I'm always on the lookout for interesting recipes.  I'm the oldest of 7, so I definitely know how to make enough for seconds, thirds, and left-overs. However, when it came to Gramma's cooking, I mostly remember a lot of casseroles, and salads.  Whatever it was, it nearly always had celery (don't ask me why).  And there was never enough for


So last week, I looked out my front windows, and what did I see?  Sadly, it was not popcorn popping on the apricot tree.  No - it was ice.  And on the inside of the windows, dripping on to the casings.  Hmmm, no wonder it's felt like an ice box in my apartment.  That, and perhaps the lack of insulation and the temperatures more appropriate for Ice Station Zebra.  Anyway - this of course meant that a project was in store.  So come Friday, I got myself down to the hardware store (remembering of course that Ace is the Place), and returned with everything I would need to insulate my windows. Now, insulating windows is no easy task.  First, it involves a ridiculous assortment of things.  Saran Wrap, double-sided tape, scissors, hairdryers - and that's just the tip of the window iceberg.  Somehow, you've got to cut the wrap, put the tape on the windows, put the wrap on the tape, seal it on with the hair dryer, all while trying to avoid scraping your knuckles bloody while working

Star Trek Heaven

Got home from work last night and turned on the tube.  It's pretty much the first thing I do whenever I get home or whenever I get up.  Big surprise there, I'm sure. Anyway - - - - while flipping channels, imagine my joy to discover that it was Star Trek night on Biography.  They played a few different documentaries.  One was about Star Trek's influence on pop culture, and one was even a retrospective and comparison of all the different Captains (for the record, I love Picard and Janeway).  They even finished it off with William Shatner's biography. I was in Star Trek heaven. So yes, I am a big Trekkie.  Over the years, I watched every series faithfully (ok, except for "Enterprise", but hey, no one else watched it either).  I can say "Live Long and Prosper" with both hands, and I'm pretty good at the Vulcan mind meld.  I'm happy to debate the virtues of the Prime Directive, and the planet I'd most like to visit is Bajor (I totally dig th

Pinky and the Guitar God

Just when I think Pinky has gotten photos with all the big-time celebrities there are, and that there are no celebrities left for her to photo op with, she surprises once again (I'm still in speechless awe over this one).  I think you all are aware of my devotion to the world's greatest rock band, Fleetwood Mac.  Well, last week, Pink met the Guitar God himself, the artistic force behind Fleetwood Mac - Lindsey Buckingham. Frankly I'm probably more excited over this one than when she got a photo with Sidney Poitier.  I mean, it's LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM people!!  Man, the girl has got SKILLS! She says this picture was just for me, and so all I have to say to that is "Thanks Pink!"  And if you ever happen to run into Lindsey's muse, Stevie Nicks, be sure to give her a shout out from her birthday twin.