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Sushi Dake and the Donut Prince Part 2: Live from Beautiful Downtown Burbank

We landed in LA, then made our way to Avis, where we had reserved a car.  After stopping off at a Von's to buy some snacks and water, we set off for our hotel.  I had reserved a couple of rooms at the Holiday Inn Burbank.  It seemed like a logical place - close enough to Dodger Stadium, and close to Hollywood, and in a decent neighborhood.  Burbank seems to get a bit of a bad rap, though.  After all, with a name like that, it's a given that it won't be the most exciting place.  Sounds pretty boring.  So I wasn't expecting all that much. After a rough landing, and a drive from the airport that took us through some pretty dicey neighborhoods, as well as our first experience in LA traffic, it was a comfort to come upon the Holiday Inn.  There it was, two beautiful re-launched buildings, just waiting to welcome us.  We checked in, and went up to our rooms on the 15th floor, then went to look for a bite to eat. Luckily, we were given a recommendation for a pub/grill acro

Total Eclipse

Last night was the premiere of "Twilight: Eclipse".  So there we were at 8:30 in our reserved theater for the big event.  I'm not what I would call a "Twi-hard", but I figure I'm already this far in, I might as well be there with the rest of them for the big event.  And guess what - It was a great time.  They gave away door prizes, which people on both sides of me and Inge won - what gives?  And of course, the temperature in the theater was hotter than a werewolf's chest.  But the movie was good!  Better than "Twilight" and "New Moon" combined (which really isn't saying much).  

Sushi Dake and the Donut Prince: A Memoir of my California Adventure

Part 1: An Inauspicious Beginning My departure day dawned bright and cheery. I had a good workout, then finished up with some last minute details. I met Inge and Janeen at the airport at 10:00 AM, and Operation Dream Come True was underway. I had suggested meeting at Terminal 1 because it would not be as busy. (Explanatory note: Those familiar with the Salt Lake International Airport know there are two terminals. Since it’s a Delta Hub, most traffic goes through Terminal 2, which is the Delta Terminal. This also makes it the busiest, with the longest security line. A few years ago, a TSA person suggested I go through Terminal 1 because it was a lot quicker, which it turned out to be. So I’ve used it ever since.) On this day, at 10:00 AM, Terminal 1 was the busiest I’ve ever seen. But, we still made it through security in good time, then went off to our gate to wait to board. For several years now, I’ve traveled the same way – my carry-on luggage bag, an extra bag, and my purse. I li

So Long Pinky!

Pinky, being the California Girl that she is, has decided to leave us, and move home to the land of fun, sun, stars, and surf.  Can't say that I'm thrilled by this, I mean, one would think just having me close by would be enough to sway her to stay.  But alas.  So, tonight we met Inge at our beloved Spaghetti Factory, for one last Manager's Special. So long Pink. Farewell, auf weidersehen, goodbye.  See you soon!  Ciao!

Update - Bring on the Bike

Well, the offered bike has finally arrived.  Said co-worker brought it on Thursday, but one of the tires was low, so he took that and fixed it.  I finally got the bike home yesterday, and this morning I took it out for a trial run.  I have to say that it was not without a high degree of nervousness.  I haven't been on a bike in "several" years, and it's a lot higher off the ground than I remember.  I had visions of a minor catastrophe occurring just trying to leave the driveway.  But, properly attired with a helmet, I went for it.  I survived and rode around the neighborhood for 25 minutes or so. As soon as I have someone else around, I'll share some pictures.

Operation Dream Come True - Game Night

Home now, back to work, and recovering from the Dream Come True trip.  So many adventures, that it's too much for one blog.  But I think I'm going to write it up in book form. Absent any narrative, I'll just say that the trip was great, and Dodger Stadium was all that I had hoped, except for the team's "slight" off night, losing 10-1.  Alas, you'd think they'd have known it would be bad form to lose after I'd come all that way.  Nevertheless, I've attached a few photos of the big night.  Enjoy!

Simple Living

I n case you all were not already aware, I am quite a geek. And I have to say, sometimes, there's just nothing on television as appealing as public television. As even further evidence of my geekness, sometimes I'll watch the USU extension channel. There's a particular show on that channel called "Simple Living". It's hosted by a woman named Wanda Urbanska (how's that for being one of the weirdest TV host names ever). Anyway - Her show is all about getting back to basics, cutting out the clutter of our lives, living frugally, and doing more with less.  Kind of like the depression-era phrase "Use it up, make it do, or do without". Sometimes it's a pretty appealing message. I was reading an article about her that appeared in today's Deseret News, and in that article, she provided 12 steps for Simple Living. Some of them I do currently, and some of them I'm not so good at. But in the spirit of sharing helpful information, here they are

The Countdown Begins

Like I haven't already been counting down, but in 2 days, Operation Dream Come True commences.  For then I will be in LA, and the day after that, in Dodger Stadium.  I'm too excited for words!   My Dodgers gear and my game ticket are even already packed. I've already planned what to wear, and let's just say that I will be totally decked out - hat, jersey, and courtesy of my dear mother, a Dodgers bracelet and purse for the occasion.