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Pinky and Sammy

Shout out to my pal Pinky Lovejoy, and her pooch Sammy the Wonder Dog, who stopped and met me briefly yesterday on their way out of town.  Through a little bit of mis-communication, we weren't able to sit down and enjoy our usual catch up over pasta at Spag Fac, but I'm thrilled that she took the time out to stop and chat for a few minutes, even in the cold and the smog. Safe travels my friend!


Last night I was able to visit with my friend Karen, one of the ladies from where I served in Mississippi.  We talked for about 90 minutes, and even though it's been 20 years, it was as if no time had passed.  It was great to catch up and hear how her family and other folks from that ward are doing. What a blessing!

Lost and Found, part 2

As my regular readers are aware, I have pretty ambivalent feelings about my mission.  I know I was supposed to go, so I did. In that respect I am glad I went.  But it was also hard. I didn't enjoy it, and I felt unsuccessful, so it was an experience never to be repeated. Missions were fine for other folks, but count me out from here on.  As far as I knew, I was a failure as a missionary, and have lived with that feeling ever since.  So until recent events, I never had the desire to see Mississippi again. While my cousin Angela was here with me, I discovered she was related to a family I had known when I served on the Coast.  She was also friendly with another family from that ward, a family that took very good care of me while I was there, and for a time was very close to them.  Not only was she friendly with them, but they were in the sealing room at the Baton Rouge temple with her when she did some of Aunt Helen's work.  It was very exciting for me to hear about them.  But

Lost and Found

My Dad did not grow up a member of the Church.  After he graduated from High School, his family moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where some of their relatives lived.  They lived there only a short time and then moved to Southern California, where he met my Mom and was introduced to the Church. He joined a year later.  Mom and Dad went on to marry, be sealed in the temple, have 7 kids, and raise all of us in the Church.  Although we had great relationships with my Dad’s immediately family (even though we lived far away from each other), none of them ever joined.   In late 1990, I was called on a mission to Mississippi.  After several months there, I was transferred to a town on the Gulf Coast called Waveland. I was aware that my Dad’s Aunt Helen (and most of her children and grandchildren) lived in the area, and I was able to visit with her in her home on several occasions.  Although they were great visits, nothing ever came of them, and we eventually lost contact with that side

Looking for my Mojo

Here it is, 2013. And while I had a terrific Christmas and a Happy New Year, something about 2013 has been off for me so far.  Not only, off, but it seems that I have gone and lost my "mojo".  Case in point:  A couple of weeks ago, I'm out running some errands, and I have my itinerary all planned.  Planned, that is, until I have a small accident with my finger while I'm trying to get out of WalMart, an accident that involves bleeding profusely.  I finally get myself back in the car, and change the itinerary to head home, because it's pretty darn difficult to run all your errands while you're bleeding profusely.  So I get home, and the garage door won't go up.  Not only won't go up, but I have to sit and play with it for 10 minutes (did I mention the part about the bleeding) until it finally does go up. I run up the stairs to take care of the wound, and fumble all over, one-handed, while spilling first aid supplies all over the counter before I'm