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Caucus Week

The First Presidency has long been encouraging those of us in Utah to get more involved politically, and sent out a letter saying as much.  The letter also stated that both parties have good principles, and encouraged us to attend our local caucuses.  So this week, I attended my local Democratic caucus. A couple of years ago, tired of the CONSTANT phone calls and emails from the Republican party, of which I was then a member, I changed my status to Unaffiliated.  I was also disappointed in how extreme our state legislature has become, to the point of making us look completely ridiculous, not to mention gerrymandering our political districts, just because they don't like that a particular Democratic incumbent candidate keeps defeating them. I figured changing my status was my own way of making a point, but that was about as "political" as I was willing to get.   So it was a big deal for me to attend a caucus at all, let alone a Democratic one.  But I figured that in the

Timely Reminder: Keep Your Sunny Side Up

In thinking about the rough week I had, it seemed appropriate to do a reprint of an old song I wrote about from the 1920's, "Keep Your Sunny Side Up". Keep Your Sunny Side Up There’s one thing to think of when you’re blue There are others much worse off than you. If a load of trouble should arise Just laugh and say it’s great to be alive! Keep your sunny side up, up Hide the side that gets blue. If you can’t buy lobster and cake You’re in luck, your tummy won’t ache! So keep your funny side up, up Let your laughter come through, do If you meet with gloom, Don’t fall down, go boom Keep your sunny side up! Keep your sunny side up, up. Hide the side that gets blue. If you have nine sons in a row Baseball teams make money, you know. Keep your funny side up, up. Let your laughter come through, do. Stand upon your legs. Be like two fried eggs. Keep your sunny side up

Rough Week

I have to say, this last week was a rough one, and I'm glad it is over.  One of those "...guess I'll go eat worms" kind of weeks.  Seems most of my co-workers are no longer speaking to me (none of them will tell me why), and to top it off, I received my worst review score of my entire professional career. To say I was taken aback is an understatement.  Mind you, I've still never received the actual review, just the score, which was below target. I asked for some explanation, and the way I understand it, it was based on some negative feedback from another manager months ago. I was told that I accomplished everything I set out to do last year, but apparently need to work on my personality, which gave me "mixed results". Ouch! Of course, I know I'm not perfect. And it would be really easy to be totally devastated and deflated by it all, and to work my way through an entire carton of ice cream. I've tried not to be, although I confess that in being

Looking for a Fitness Challenge

So my new show that I'm a little obsessed with is one from the Style Network (I know, me watching Style Network, of all things). It's called "Our Big Fat Weight Loss Story", and each episode is about how a family learns to lose weight and get healthy together, sometimes with mixed results.  The cameras and various experts check in with them over a four-month period to see what progress they're making, and to encourage them on their journey.  One of the things I really like is that it encourages them to work towards a fitness challenge of some type.  Something fairly difficult that they have to train for.  And some of them have been doozies.  So this got me to thinking that I should have a fitness goal/challenge of some kind, that I've never done, but that I will work towards and accomplish say in 6 months.  I think it's a fabulous idea, but my only difficulty is in coming up with and deciding on something. So far I've thought about hiking Mount Olympu