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Getting Healthy

Had to go in for another Doctor appointment the other day, and while visiting with her, she made the comment that I had lost 10 pounds since the last time she saw me. Say hallelujah!  I have been working hard at it, and I've noticed results myself, but it was extra nice to have my doctor to validate it for me. Back in January, as I was considering what goals to set for this year, I decided on a couple of health goals, which were to start eating my vegetables (and no, V8 doesn't count), and to start strength training.  That was basically it.  So I began buying actual produce, and I even bought some resistance bands to help with the strength training.  And a funny thing happened on the way to implementing those goals.  Because I actually started to eat better, work out more, and get healthier, one of the very pleasant side effects of all this is the aforementioned weight loss, which not only has my clothing fitting better, but my skin is clearer, and I'm even wearing my ring


So I go to the Post Office the other morning to mail my nephew's birthday package, which weighed all of maybe 8 ounces total.  Here's the conversation: Postal Lady: Priority Mail, that will be $5.35 Me: Seriously? Postal Lady: Or there's Parcel Post, but that's $5.25 Me: Seriously? Postal Lady: It's because it's so light. Me: Are you kidding me? Postal Lady: Oh let's see...I might have skipped First Class...oh yes, there's First Class for $2.12 Me: That's more like it Seriously? The Post Office is trying to upsell me?  Just a perfect example of why they're $3 billion in the hole...sheesh!

Best $50 Ever!

Earlier this week I had me a nasty earache.  Now, I'm not one to get ear infections, so I figured my sinuses were the culprit (what else is new).  I called to make an appointment with my Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor, but of course, it was going to be several days before I could get in to see him.  I made it through the work day, but finally on the way home, I decided I could not take it anymore, so I stopped off at the Instacare. Thankfully, I was the only one there, so they got me right in to see a Doctor.  So Doogie Howser comes in and looks in my ear, then says "Well, I can't see anything until we get all that wax out."  Ouch!  I know it's a natural thing, but somehow hearing it from someone that young made me feel as if I never bathe properly or something.  But anyhoo...he then sends in an even younger nurse, and after shooting some magic liquid into my ear, and then flushing it with water, the final result was the world's cleanest ear.  Hallelujah! Doog