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Follow the Prophet

In his most recent Conference address, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland told about two young Sister Missionaries, who had food thrown at and spit at them, just because they were LDS missionaries.  It was a story that I could relate to. While no one has literally spit on me or thrown food at me, I have had a few recent experiences where I have figuratively felt spit on because of my faith. It has been difficult and sad and stressful, and I've spent a lot of time praying for help and courage.  One morning, as I was praying about what to do about a certain situation, the message was clear to me that I already knew what the right thing to do was. The right thing to do was to have faith in the Lord, and to follow the prophet. This doesn't mean that things will get easier. They likely won't. In fact, odds are that they'll get worse. But I have faith that as I love the Lord, keep my covenants and follow the prophet, it will work to my good.

War Horse

Last evening my pal Cyndee and I took in a play at the Capitol Theater, called "War Horse". It's been years since I've been to that venue. It's very historic, and is in the middle of a huge renovation. But it was nice to be there, and fun to be downtown again. The play is a pretty simple story, all about a boy, Albert, and his horse. The horse, which he names Joey, comes to him as a colt, and over the years, they grown to be inseparable. Around the same time, World War I is beginning, and Albert's father betrays them by selling Joey to the Army to be used in battle. Albert eventually runs away and joins up to look for Joey. Separated for the duration of the war, Albert and Joey finally find each other again and are reunited. The play itself is wonderful. There's lots of music, and lots of action. It doesn't have much at all in the way of scenery or sets. The most amazing and ingenious part is the way they portray the horses and the other ani

And Still More Projects

Today, my new sliding glass door was installed! Hooray! It didn't come cheap, and it took the Glass Company guys a little over 3 1/2 hours to complete. But it's in, and it's beautiful, and it matches the other new windows. There are still two windows downstairs to go, but they're a bit tougher job, so they're down on the list. Here's a photo of the new door And a couple of weeks ago, the brother came by to help me take down the tacky vertical blinds. The blinds came down and the curtain rods went up. Yay! And with the beautiful curtains that my sister-in-law helped me pick out (she also took one for the team by sewing the panels together for me), the new window looks absolutely gorgeous! There is still a lot left to do, but I'm finished with the big ticket items, at least for this year anyway. The rest is just odds and ends. I need to save at least a few things for the Papa when he visits.

"It Happens All The Time"

Took the day off today, the idea being that tomorrow starts Conference Weekend, I've been overly stressed, and I would try to get to the temple before it's closed for the weekend. Kind of get in a good frame of mind to hear the words of the prophets. So I got up, had a good workout, spent the morning doing some more remodeling (door hinges are not my friends), and running some errands, then had a bit of a late lunch. I knew I wanted to get to the 2:30 session, so around 1:00, I started getting ready. I got all dressed in my church clothes, folded my temple clothes in my bag, and just as I was about to leave, that was when suddenly everything went to h-e-double in a handbasket. The gist is that I ended up experiencing a minor medical emergency, something that try as I might, could not be handled on my own.  I'll spare you the details, but be assured, it was an emergency.   The first thing I did was call my Lady Doctor's office.  But it's a Friday, and they close