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Christmas Day

I love Christmas Day, but for me, it's more about the secular side of Christmas, and the fun and the good cheer.  After getting up early and getting a good workout in, I opened my gifts that my family had sent.  Everyone took good care of me.  I had gifts and goodies for my stocking, a new vegetarian cookbook, a new fleece vest, and candle sconces to enhance the look of my home.  I also had some very cute cards and pictures from nieces and nephews. After opening the presents, I made what is kind of my traditional Holiday breakfast - Breakfast Cake (basically the same thing as coffee cake), eggs, and my own version of hot chocolate made from Pero, Nestle Quik, and Almond Milk.  It was all mighty tasty.  After breakfast I called and talked with my Grandma, my Mom and Dad and some of my siblings. Shortly before noon, I left to go to a show.  Everyone in Salt Lake goes to the movies on Christmas Day, and the theaters are packed.  I met up with Inge, Angel, and Chunhee to see the ne

Christmas Eve

My family has always enjoyed getting together for Christmas, and there are definitely some traditions that we follow when it comes to both Christmas Eve and Christmas.  But since I was going to be on my own for Christmas this year, I decided it would be fun to start my own Christmas traditions.  And I decided to approach it by having the attitude of just because I wasn't going to be with my family, didn't mean it needed to be a drag or that I needed to be lonely. Tracie's Christmas Eve To me, Christmas Eve kind of fulfills two purposes.  I use it to finish up whatever gifts and food I've been planning, but it's also the day where I want to focus on the Spiritual side of Christmas - the nativity story, and peace on earth and goodwill to men.   Christmas Carol Service - Each year, the Cathedral of the Madeleine presents what they call a "Christmas Carol Service", and this year, I attended that with a couple of friends.  It was a very sacred experience.

"Touched By an Angel" Marathon

I'm sure you remember the series "Touched By an Angel".  For years, my family and I watched it faithfully every Sunday Night, and I loved it.  After I moved here, it meant even more to me, because it was filmed in and around Salt Lake, and I recognized a lot of the homes and neighborhoods.  For some reason, what with Salt Lake being the headquarters of the LDS church, and the setting for a series about Angels, it was as if we were truly surrounded by God and his Angels. The series ended years ago, and although it's widely available in re-runs on the Hallmark and GMC Channels, I very rarely watch it. Kind of like it's old news, and I've moved on.  But this last couple of days, there wasn't much on TV, and I was in a Christmas-y mood, and GMC was doing a "Touched By an Angel" marathon.  And I was sucked back in. This all coincided with much of what was going on in the news.  Last week, our country suffered another tragedy, and although life is

Holiday Happenings

It's been a good but busy week - lots of Holiday fun stuff to celebrate the season. Tuesday - GNO with Roosevelt friends: Got together here at the Holladay Inn with some of my good friends from my old Young Adult ward. GNO stands for Girls Night Out, a chance for the girls to spend time together eating, visiting and catching up. Thursday Afternoon - Annual Holiday Lunch and activity with my work team.  Lunch at Olive Bistro, followed by Shopping and delivery of needed items for a worthy cause.  A special experience, and it felt good to provide some service. Thursday Night - Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and my dear friend Stephanie. Mack's Angels kept to our Holiday tradition of enjoying the lights at Temple Square and attending the Christmas Concert with the choir, and this year's special guests Alfie Bowe, Tom Brokaw, and surprise special guest, Gale Halvorsen (Uncle Wiggly Wings, the original Berlin Airlift Candy Bomber). Totally awesome!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

I've been enjoying listening to Christmas music this week, and I've heard several renditions of the song "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas". It's one of my favorites.  But I bet you didn't know that the original song has different words than are typically sung today. The song made it's debut in the 1944 movie "Meet Me in St. Louis", with Judy Garland. In the movie, the father of the family has made the decision to move them all from St. Louis to New York, and he intends they should leave right after Christmas.  Of course, St. Louis is the only home they've ever known, and they all think their world is coming to an end.  Judy sings the song to little sister Margaret O'Brien to help cheer her up, but it's obvious that Judy is not feeling very cheery herself. Have yourself a merry little Christmas Let your heart be light Next year all our troubles will be Out of sight Have yourself a merry little Christmas Make the y