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The Dodgers Lose the Pennant

After losing game 6 of the National League Championship series last night, the baseball season is now officially over for the Boys in Blue.  And although logically I realize what a terrific season it's been, I'm still completely devastated.  Because you see - I just knew deep down in my heart of hearts that we were meant to win this year's National League pennant.  Like it was foreordained and this was "THE" year.  So for some reason that makes it even more difficult.   For the last several days I've had going through my head a quote from "The Natural", where Wilford Brimley, as manager of the New York Knights, tells Richard Farnsworth - "Red, I wanted to win that pennant more than I wanted any g--d---ed thing in my life, and you'd think just this once I could've got it. I didn't care nothin' about the Series. Win or lose, I'd have been satisfied."  Of course, right then the injured Roy Hobbs walks in, and you KNOW tha

Next Time Wear Gloves

Note to self: Next time you decide to gut the seeds from some hot peppers, make sure you wear plastic gloves. A little background - This summer I planted and managed to grow some ancho peppers in my containers.  I thought it would be fun to make some homemade chile relleno this fall.  The peppers took the entire summer to grow, and finally got large enough that I could harvest the last of them before the frost. But I decided I wanted to let them ripen a little bit, so I left them out on the counter for the last couple of weeks. This was my first mistake. Segue to last night.  Being slightly bored, and knowing that I needed to do something about those ripening peppers, I got the bright idea to gut them so I could put them in the freezer for later.  I figured I'd done this before with jalapenos, and haven't had any issues, so it should work the same for the anchos.  The anchos weren't that large anyway.  It didn't even occur to me that I might want to use some plastic