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Here Comes the Sun

My cousin Zach passed away this week. He was only 30, and it was very unexpected. Although our families lived far apart from each other, I had enough interaction with Zach over the years to feel close to him. He was a great kid. Zach loved music, and was a gofted musician and sound engineer. As I attended his memorial service yesterday in St. George (really Santa Clara, but close enough), it was mentioned several times that his favorite band was The Beatles. In fact, his brother-in-law and one of the nephews played an acoustic Beatles medley on their guitars. Zach would have loved that so much, and if he'd been there, would have either gotten up and jammed with them, or recorded it, or both. That got me to thinking about my favorite Beatles song, which is "Here Comes the Sun", off the "Abbey Road" album. It's a simple but brilliant song, talking about how the light of the sun makes the world warm up, winter go away, and eventually makes everything all ri