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Aging Sucks

For each of the past two days, I have found a gray hair on my chair at work.  And unless some aged person is sitting at my desk at night, I can only surmise that the aforementioned hairs belong to me.  Now, I have had a few gray hairs before.  And when I found them they were immediately plucked.  But never have I found one two days in a row.  Aging is difficult enough without this being added to it.  I can't even claim that a husband or children gave them to me. Frankly, I am terribly depressed by this occurence.  I guess that being single and not having gray hair made me feel that I was still young and hip, that life was full of possibility, and that I still had plenty of time for all those things I'd never done.  And now - I'm not so sure. Man, a couple of gray hairs and I feel like a cat lady.

Birthright Citizenship

One of our esteemed State Senators this week announced his intention to seek a change to the 14th Amendment, so that you are not guaranteed citizenship in this country by virtue of being born here (what is known as "Birthright Citizenship").  This despite the courts having interpreted for 150 years that the 14th Amendment guarantees it.  Can you say "I hate people from South of the Border" any louder than that?  I'm as concerned about illegal immigration as the next person, but please.  How does he think he got his citizenship?

Mission Reunion

It's probably no secret to most of you that I didn't particularly care for my mission.  I guess I'm glad I served, but it's not something I'd be likely to repeat.  I maintained contact with a few people afterward at college, but lost contact with everyone by the time I moved to Salt Lake.  And really, I wasn't interested anyway.  Well - a few weeks ago I saw a posting in the Deseret News for a mission reunion with my second mission president, President Anderson.  To my knowledge, it's the first one they've held in years, if ever.  Normally, I would let it go by, but for some reason, this time I couldn't. Now, it seems there's a tradition in the church about mission reunions.  Most of them are posted in the Deseret News.  Usually they are held conference weekend, and somewhere in Salt Lake or Provo.  And most of the time they're on a Friday evening.  So this was a bit of a surprise because it was to be held two weeks after conference, in Hu

The Spin City Green Tour

Yesterday, the girls and I took one of our semi-regular trips up the mountain to check out the leaves and to try a new diner that several other friends had recommended to us.  Angel was off with her Sisters so was unable to join us.  But Chun Hee tagged along in her place, and we had a fun time.  Owing to Inge's recent fender bender, we had a rental car, a Toyota Prius.  Might as well be environmentally friendly while we're enjoying nature's beauties. Our first stop was in Heber at Spin Cafe.  Let's just say that despite the multiple recommendations, it was all spin.  A bit too trendy for the Dive Divas, and the food was overpriced and nothing special.  We all decided that from now on, we'll be sticking with Hub Cafe instead. From there, we headed farther in to town for a milkshake at Granny's.  Now, I realize that Spin Cafe did offer milkshakes.  But how can one go to Heber and not get a shake at Granny's?  I mean, it's tradition.  I had a chocolate