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Do You Wanna (Belly) Dance?

So to update, I did decide to take Inge up on the belly dancing proposition.  Tonight was our first class, and off I went for my now weekly excursion to the DC.  Let me just say, belly dancing's fun, but it's a workout.  And as the instructor promised, I did use muscles I never knew I had.  Yes, ibuprofen and lots of it, will be taken before bedtime.  No other details, as Inge and the Julie's and I all agreed that what happens at belly dance class stays there.  But let's just say, this white girl does not have any rhythm, and was not meant to move in certain ways.


Home now from St. George, all unpacked, and watching TCM.  They're showing what they consider to be one of  The Essentials, "Gigi".  Are you kidding me?  I dearly love musicals, but frankly, I've never enjoyed this one.  I find it to be absolutely and incredibly BORING!  Essential?  Ha!  There now, I've said it.  It's got to be one of the most annoying Best Picture winners ever, only slightly less unappealing than "An American in Paris" (and don't even get me started on that Gene Kelly ego trip).  The only thing it has going for it is the presence of Louis Jordan, who was certainly dreamy in his day.  But even he can't save it.  It's a rare occasion, but I think I'll turn the channel to see what's on PBS.  Even Nature or Nova has got to be better than this.

Glenn Miller Story, Part 2

An update on my Glenn Miller Story.  Angel, Max, and Janeen were over last night, and bless Angel, she brought me a "Unforgettable Glenn Miller" CD, with all original recordings!  HOORAY!  It's now been duly imported into my iTunes and synched with my iPod.  Can't wait to listen to it in the car in the morning!!!

Glenn Miller Story

As if you all needed further evidence of my geekness, "The Glenn Miller Story" was on TV the other day.  It's a terrific movie with James Stewart and June Allyson, a biopic of the King of Swing himself, Glenn Miller (sorry Benny Goodman).  Here I'll just come right out and say that I absolutely LOVE his music.  So it put me, shall we say "In the Mood" for some of his tunes.  Segue to yesterday, when I went out to iTunes and purchased an album of 34 songs that purported to be Glenn Miller and his Orchestra, with original recordings.  Hooray!   I synched it up last night with my iPod and figured I'd listen to it on my way in to work.  I eagerly put it on in the car this morning.  Now, as an explanatory note, let me just say that while I'm a big music lover, when it comes to the artists I like, I only want the Greatest Hits, with the original recordings and arrangements.  ALAS!!!  Imagine my distress when "Pennsylvania 6-5000" came on, and i

Should I or Shouldn't I?

So Inge calls a few minutes ago with a proposition... Inge: Are you busy Monday nights? Me: (Suddenly suspicious) Why? Inge: They're offering Beginning Belly Dancing at Bountiful Junior High for 8 weeks for $45 Me: Hmmm...Well, it hasn't been on my list of things I absolutely would love to do... Inge: Julie and Janeen did it and it's supposed to be really good for your stomach muscles... Me: Is this about my spare tire? Inge: It's supposed to be really fun! Me: It's not that, I'm just afraid that I'd throw something out and not be able to get it back in... Actually, my hesitancy exists on a few different levels.  First, the above fear of throwing something out is totally true.  Second, there's that spare tire to think of, that I would not want to put out there for a bunch of other women to see.  Third, this would mean I'd actually have to enter Davis County once a week, which as Steph delights in pointing out, is not something I generally do.  But,

My New Place

Well, it's taken me a few days, but I finally have the new place in shape enough that I felt comfortable taking a few pictures.  So for those interested in seeing the new abode, here you go.   The living room     The dining room - actual room for my dining table     Kitchen - a little small, but more counter space than before.     Laundry room - my own washer and dryer!      bathroom - pretty basic     My bedroom   And finally - the office - no more computer in the bedroom! I still have some things to do, and need to get pictures on the walls, but it's coming together.  And with the office, I already had room on the wall for the most important item, that being my Dodgers banner.  (Have I mentioned that Baseball season is fast approaching?)

I Can't Believe They Did That!

In the category of "you cannot be serious!", there were several tidbits in today's news that left me a bit dumbfounded.  Mostly  at the nerve of some people.  Really, where do they find these people?  Here's a few examples: As reported by Golf Digest, Tiger Woods got a phone call of support and encouragement from former President Clinton (or as I like to refer to him, Slick Willy).  I can just imagine the conversation, somewhere along the lines of  "I feel your pain" and "been there, done that".  I'm just wondering if another sex addict is really the best example for providing encouragement. Or how about this from the Associated Press?  The head of the Russian Olympic Committee resigned today, because of Russia's poor medal-showing in Vancouver.  The country's Sports Minister refused to resign however, saying that it wasn't his fault, but that Russians just did not get into the new Olympic sports like snowboarding and aerial skiin

Again I Ask "Why"?

In the category of "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!", there's news this morning that NBC is going to remake one of it's most classic series, the Rockford Files.  And not only that, it is going to star Dermot Mulroney.  SERIOUSLY?  One of the most iconic TV roles of the 70's is supposed to be remade and be played by Dermot Mulroney?  I've had a crush on Jim Rockford (a.k.a. James Garner) almost as long as I've had a crush on Captain Von Trapp.  "Rockford" was required viewing in our household.  And now they want to replace the manliest of roles and actors with Dermot Mulroney?  Rockford's Dad, Rocky (a.k.a. Noah Beery, Jr.) must be turning over in his grave. NBC has got to have the absolute worst executives in network television.  First they tried it with the Bionic Woman, then with Knight Rider.  And both of those totally tanked.  When will they learn that remaking classic TV series never works?  Why in the world would anyone want to watch