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How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

In my continuing pursuit of good health from eating my vegetables, I have come to the decision that it's time to freshen my menu just a bit.  I mean, a person can only eat so much veggy fried rice, delicious though it may be.  So I got myself to the Holladay Library (which isn't so hard since it's right next door) and found a new cookbook to provide me with some inspiration.  It's called "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian", and it's absolutely GI-normous.  As I was perusing it this evening, I got pretty excited about some new options.  So much so that I think I may need to buy this one and keep it on hand all the time.  Recipes for all sorts of vegetables, veggie burgers, homemade dipping sauces, and more.  It also provides some vegan recipes (not that I'm quite willing to give up my dairy yet).  I honestly can't wait to try some of them out this weekend.

Blast from the Past for $2

Not that I'm a fan of LDS fiction, but anyone remember this book?  It was all the rage when I was a kid growing up in Southern Utah, and I must have read it a half-dozen times.  If memory serves, it was definitely a 4-hankie kind of book.   I found this copy yesterday at the DI, and I figured what the hey, for $2, it was worth bringing home a blast from the past.  Even if it is signed "To Mom with love, Christmas 1978, from John and Lynda".  I might even read it again. Now, having Mormon fiction in the house isn't something I would normally 'fess up to, but for the record I also brought home a $2 copy of "Faith Precedes the Miracle", so hopefully they cancel each other out.

Pink Martini 2012

Last evening we went off on our annual excursion to the Deer Valley Music Festival. Music outdoors, under the stars, in the tops of the mountains.  It really does not get any better than that.  And this year it was for one of our favorite groups, Pink Martini.  The venue and the band did not disappoint.  We had some dinner, sat on the blankets, bundled up a it, and listened to the smooth sounds. Pink Martini never disappoints, but this year was doubly delightful because their lead singer China Forbes was back after a hiatus for resting her vocal chords, and the Utah Symphony was also in attendance.  All in all, it was absolutely delightful. (From l to r: Darcy, Anna, Tracie, Inge, Angel) Sadly, all concerts have to end at some point.  But on our way out, we got a bonus.  China was visiting backstage with concertgoers and doing pictures with folks.  SO before we knew it, there we were in line, and then there we were with China, who I must say was incredibly nice. (F

Dinner w/ the Girls

Got together Friday for dinner with some of the girls in celebration of Steph's birthday. We're standing in front of Cafe Trio, where we just had a lovely dinner on a nice shady patio. (From l to r: Debbie, Ann, Rosann, Me, Steph) We met when we were all attending the Monument Park 19th Singles Ward.  Sadly, birthdays are about the only time we can all manage to get together anymore, as some of us have moved off to different wards.  But a great time was had eating and catching up. Can't wait til the next birthday!