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My First Migraine

Last Friday, I got what I believe was my first ever migraine. It was a little frightening. It started with a sudden pain on the left side of my head, followed by a general feeling of lethargy and nausea. Thankfully, I was able to still function for the most part, although I noticed that I was not as quick mentally (and no, I don't think that it was because I have a milestone birthday coming up). The pain did not last very long, so I went ahead with my plans for that night and went to a concert by the Orchestra at Temple Square. But I noticed that I was still quite tired and my brain was not quite firing on all cylinders. And while I was driving home, I noticed a weird glowing halo around all the stoplights and streetlights. The tiredness and slowness seemed to last about 24 hours afterward. Some of my sisters have struggled with migraines, as well as many of my friends, and I can honestly say it was a club I never wanted to join. I checked with my sister, and some friends, a


One of my goals this year is to go on a backpacking trip. It's something I've always wanted to do, but been too intimidated to try. Well, a few weeks ago, one of the girls in the Ward invited me on a backpacking trip to the Uinta's this summer. This time I immediately said yes. All was well until a few days later when reality set in and the thought of carrying 30-35 pounds of pack on my back while hiking in rough terrain just about made me cave. I did not have all the gear I would need, nor was I in good enough shape. The gear is something easily worked out. Most of it I can either purchase myself, or borrow from highly motivated friends. The physical conditioning was another matter altogether, so I decided it was time to get in better shape. I've been pretty good at exercising regularly, and I'm in ok shape for someone approaching a milestone birthday (if I say so myself). But I knew I needed to put in some extra miles, as well as add strength to my legs

One Last Square Dance

I was really moved by this article by Steven Rosenberg in It's about a woman named Marilyn "Minty" Coyne, who is dying of cancer, and all she wanted before she passed was one last chance to square dance. Yesterday her wish was granted, courtesy of a Hospice group in Boston. shes_square_with_life/?s_campaign=yahoo Not to be morbid, but it made me wonder, if given the opportunity, what one thing would I do if in a similar situation? A Dodgers game? A really awesome trip? A horseback ride? Would I say something to someone that I'd avoided saying before? I don't know. But I think it would have to be something full of peace, joy, and exhilaration. Who knows, maybe I'll follow Minty Coyne's lead, and try square dancing. Seems like she's got the right idea.

A Visit to Wheeler Farm

My parents were in town for the last couple of days for a quick visit. Yesterday we decided to take my niece and nephew to the Wheeler Historic Farm so they could see the farm animals. We had a great time. The kids loved looking at all the animals and making the animal sounds. To my niece, a cow is now known by that name, but by the name "moo-moo", which I guess makes sense. Why wouldn't it be a moo-moo when that is the sound it makes. Well, we got to the area where the pigs were kept. They really were quite cute, as far as pigs go, and the kids thought they were pretty cool. That is, until one of the pigs put their rear up against the fence, and proceeded to urinate in a steady stream in our direction. It was all we could do to get the kids out of the way before they were covered in pig urine. It was so shocking, that it ended up being quite funny, and the kids got quite a laugh out of it. Not sure it would have been as funny if the pig's aim had been bette


I did the unthinkable a couple of weeks ago. I finally broke down and joined Facebook. I'd been holding out, not wanting to really connect, thinking people only wanted to keep in touch in case they needed to sell me insurance or needed a place to stay for General Conference. Finally, it occurred to me, that in a way, I was being prideful at refusing to join. The way the world is these days, being successful is all about networking. And how could I be successful if I was basically refusing to take advantage of a networking opportunity. So the next day I signed up. And so far it's been interesting. I've reconnected with some old friends from High School, as well as with people from my life here in Salt Lake. And it's been nice to hear from everyone. I still don't have any space to offer anyone for General Conference, but if you want someone to write on your wall, I'm your girl.

Worth a Shot

My allergies and other ailments have been really getting to me lately, and it's been a little frustrating. I'm really good about doing what Doctors tell me to do. I'll take the pills, I'll get the shots, I'll do the diet. But it hasn't seemed to provide actual relief. Last week while I was thinking about what to do and feeling frustrated, I seemed to get the feeling that I really hadn't tried everything. So I decided to try something new, and went and got acupuncture today. I've had several people recommend it to me over the years and finally decided to try it. It was actually pretty relaxing, and didn't hurt at all. I was all worried that I would come out of there looking like I had the measles, but you can't even tell. It seemed to help my sinuses a little bit, so for that I'm grateful. I also purchased some supplements that are supposed to help. The Doctor wants me to keep coming for several months, and I'm not sure about t