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Wonder Women

I was watching a PBS documentary last week, called "Wonder Women: The Untold Story of American Superheroines". It was quite interesting actually, discussing female superheroes of comic book fame, and the rise of the women's movement, and what it means to be a "Superhero" in today's world.  If you were to look at some of the newer comics, you might think it meant being sexy and catering to the violent fantasies of mysoginistic males. But the film makes the point that the "Wonder Woman" comic started out during the World War II years, and was meant to convey that women had a responsibility to support the war effort, and to be their best selves. And the film encourages women to use their talents to change the way popular culture now represents them. So what does it mean to be a "Wonder Woman"? The thing with Superheroes is that they usually have some kind of otherworldly gift or power, beyond those of mere mortals. In the case of Wonder Wo

Grand Opening

One of things I have missed most about living in the South has been Popeyes Cajun Chicken.  It's a major restaurant chain down there, and I remember several times going and getting chicken, biscuits, and dirty rice, and loving the grease and spicy cajun food. Healthy it ain't.  But fun it was, and over the years I have missed having access to those flavors.  But finally, I am happy to report that Popeyes has come to Utah. Say Hallelujah! Truth be told, we have had a couple of them here for awhile, but they were basically inaccessible to the majority of us folks. One was at Hill Air Force Base, and one recently opened at the Airport.  But now there is an actual restaurant available for the rest of us to go to, and this weekend was their Grand Opening.  So yesterday my friend Katie (who used to live in New Orleans) and I made the trek down to Utah County to stand in line and get our fill of cajun spice.  Generally I try to avoid Utah County, but in the case of Popeyes, I will f

I'm an Introvert

Had a rare down week this week - where I didn't have anything going in the evenings.  Say hallelujah!  It's an extremely rare occurence for me lately - like Halley's Comet rare.  And since there was a dearth of good movies on TCM, I celebrated by hanging out with my brother (who happened to be in town one day), and by catching up on some reading.  Apparently I was in quite a mood to celebrate, as I finished 4 books this week (some "lofty", and some not so much).   I bring this up, because one of the books I finished is one titled "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking".  And I have to say, it was most enlightening.  I now have something that explains "Me", and a name I can give it.  All those times when I get overwhelmed by too much noise or commotion, or need to have my down time, and why I sometimes prefer to stay home than go socialize.  I'm an introvert (off the charts, even), and I need my mental and e

My New Addiction

So guess what was on sale at my local market the other day?  O-M-G! YUM! I may never go back to regular ice cream ever again!

Mission Tour, part 2 (Mississippi)

After stopping by the Baton Rouge temple, we went our separate ways. Houston and Wyoming went back to Houston, and the rest of us drove on in to Mississippi.  At the Mississippi State Welcome Center - Magnolia, MS  Hazlehurst Chapel - one of the towns I served in. I thought I'd recognize things more than I did. But nothing looked familiar to me at all. Shows you how long it's been That night we stayed at the HIE in Flowood, MS.  The next morning, when we went down for breakfast, we ended up in the middle of a bunch of Southern Lady Bank Tellers, who were all there for a seminar.  It's been a long time since I've been surrounded by that much big hair and make-up, Southern-style.  Of course they all thought my nieces were adorable (which they indeed are), and the little girls got all sorts of compliments, such as: "Ah just love her Toms (slip-on shoes). They just spaarkle so nahce!"   Later on, we picked up the folks, and drove out to Ross

Louisiana and Mississippi Mission Tour, part 1 (Baton Rouge)

Well, it finally happened.  After "several" years, I finally made my return to the illustrious states of Louisiana and Mississippi. And this just in - hell finally froze over and donkeys flew. I have to say it was a whirlwind trip - five different hotels in five cities in five days - but it was fun to see several of my family members, including my Missionary Parents, and to visit with friends old and new. Day 1: Easter Sunday. Flew to Denver where I met up with my sister and her family for our flight to New Orleans.   Finally arrived in New Orleans in the wee hours, then checked in to our hotel, the Crowne Plaza New Orleans Airport.  Since I'm currently a Gold Elite loyalty program member, I was able to get us complimentary breakfast in the Club lounge.  The service was incredible, and guess which is my new favorite hotel? After a ridiculously few hours of sleep, it was off to Baton Rouge to meet up with the Houston and Wyoming family, as well as with the Parents