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Moses Chapter 7

Another day, another mass shooting in America. Another day when man's inhumanity to man is the top story in the news cycle. Tears are shed, social media goes haywire, and pundits from all over seem to have an opinion on what should be done. It can be so sad and depressing.  It seems as if there's been so much of this lately, and as I was thinking about it this afternoon, I remembered that practically from the beginning, it has always been so. And I went back and read Moses, chapter 7. If you recall, in this chapter, the Prophet Enoch is shown a vision of all of God's creations, from the beginning to the end. And he sees all the tragic things, and then he sees God weeping. So Enoch asks God how it is that He can weep? Because as Enoch sees things, God is God and He's all powerful. The Lord then explains to Enoch that it's because we humans are the work of his own hands. And that He gave us agency, and that He commanded us to use that agency to love one another and

Mission Call

The parentals received official word yesterday of their second call to serve in the Mississippi Jackson Mission. Through a pretty roundabout (some would say miraculous) means, they found out about the opportunity to go back to their first mission, and tackle the responsibilities of Car Czar and Media Mama all over again. They prayed about it, and decided to go ahead, and put their papers in again. We are very proud and pleased for them, and know they will be a blessing to the folks in Mississippi, as well as to our family.

Car Trouble and Diagnostics

The Monty's "Service Engine Soon" light came on yesterday morning, just as I was about to pull into the parking lot for my weekly temple shift. Of course, these situations always freak me out a little. Even though I have AAA, I have visions of being stalled in traffic, or on the side of the road, which considering my family history, is not outside the realm of possibility (ex. every family trip we ever went on). Knowing that there was nothing I could do about it a the moment, and that my mechanic's shop was closed, I went in and worked my shift. Afterwards, I drove home through town, because if I'm going to break down, I'd rather it NOT be on the freeway. I managed to get home without incident, and then, while texting back and forth with the family, I remembered that I had purchased a little gadget last year, that supposedly would help me read error codes off the car's computer. It was about $12 on Amazon, and I figured what the heck. SO I've had it


The big burger chain in Texas is known as "Whataburger". Having been to Houston several times ow, I decided it was high time that I actually try a Whataburger, and convinced my sister to go along with me. I have to say, the burger was very good. The fries were ok as well, but they just aren't the same without a little Utah fry sauce (Texans apparently either don't believe in fry sauce, or have never heard of it.) 

Houston 2016

The oldest niece graduated from High School last weekend, and I was happy to have the chance to be there and show my support. She's a terrific kid, and a fine example for her sisters and brother, and all her cousins. Grabbing some tacos for dinner before the big day. I'm one happy Aunt to be surrounded by these three. In our family, we follow the Samoan tradition of making leis to celebrate big events. This was indeed a big event, and we made sure to load her up with some of favorite candys, and other snacks. Her Aunt in Hawaii also sent some beautiful leis made from flowers and kukui nuts. She looks fantastic, and all the Houston folks were amazed, and wishing they had thought of it. A graduation is never complete without a luau. It was quite the drama getting the cultural hall all decorated and set up, but we pulled it off. Some family friends did the cooking, and we even made a palm tree out of pineapples. Traditional dishes included k

Birthday Fun

Another birthday came and went this year, and a good time was had. Cake, gifts, lunches, dinners, and desserts from all my family, friends and colleagues, along with plenty of facetiming, texting and phone calls, made for a fun and exciting last few weeks. I am most grateful.