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Bike Update

So last week I went to a free class at REI on Basic Bike Maintenance.  And am I glad I did.  One look at everything it took just to fix a flat tire, and I decided right then and there to hire it out instead!  So I called and made an appointment with their bike shop and took it in the other night.  I told them to give me the works - new tires, a performance tune-up, fix the seat that is a little loose, and anything else they could think of.  I figured it would be worth it to know it had been done right. Segue to last night.  The shop called late, and here's how it went. John the Bike Guy: We've been working on your bike today... Me: Yes... John: Well and while we were working on the brake calipers...the bolt broke off. Me: Ok... John: Well, it's one of those that's actually welded to the front fork of the bike... Me: Ok... John: Well, and we don't actually carry any like that.  We recommend replacing the entire fork...And since it broke while we were working on it

Silence is Golden

So my plumbing has been making serious noise for like months now.  Since none of my fixtures were leaking, I figured it was just noisy.  But being the light sleeper that I am, it was even waking me up at night.  I mentioned it to my friend Max, who had a similar situation and said it might be a leak in my neighbor's apartment.  So I finally broke down and called my landlord, Ron.  He was in the neighborhood and came right over. I took him into the bathroom and he couldn't hear a thing.  I opened the utility closet where the hot water heater is located, and he still couldn't hear a thing.  I opened the bedroom closet where it is actually loudest, and still nothing.  I even described the sound to him.  Seriously - was I crazy or something?  He gave me the patronizing sympathetic look that us females are used to getting from men, and said "I don't hear very well."  But finally he agreed to go and check with my neighbor and see if he heard anything. A few minute

New Calling

I've been an official member of my new Singles ward for a few weeks now, and today I received a calling.  I've been wanting and needing a calling for several months now, so I was pleased when I was told they had something in mind for me.  And then they dropped the bomb - they were calling me to be a Gospel Doctrine Teacher.  Two words immediately sprang to my mind - and I'm sure you all probably know what they were - Holy Crap! My friend Angie is a Gospel Doctrine Teacher as well, so I sent her a text asking if she had any advice for me.  She said to "pray hard and often".  Oy vey!

Hall of Shame

Friday, April 8, a date which will live in Major League Baseball infamy.  For that is the date that my formerly favorite player, Manny Ramirez, retired.  And why did he retire?  Because he got caught taking performance enhancing drugs - AGAIN.  So - rather than come clean, face the music, and accept his 100 game suspension, he took the coward's way out and retired from professional baseball.   For a lot of years, Manny seemed to have it all.  He had a goofy grin, he played the game like he was really having fun, and he was one of the best hitters the game had ever seen.  And I admit, I loved the guy for all those reasons.  But in the end the things that endeared him to fans and media alike were the very things he compromised and ended up losing through his use of drugs.  He's also basically left himself without any future opportunities to be part of the game of baseball -  there will be no endorsement opportunities, or any segue into a future career in broadcasting.  There won

Top 5 Canadians

While we're on the subject of Canadians, I thought it appropriate to share my Top 5 Favorite Canadians: 1. Anne Murray - I have to say, I just love her.  I've seen her in concert 3 or 4 times, and she's just awesome.  Truly, one of the all time great concert moments was when I saw her a few weeks after 9/11.  I've been to a lot of concerts, but when she sang "A Little Good News"...I've never ever seen an audience react like that. She's one of the great ones. 2. Christopher Plummer - I mean, it's Captain Von Trapp.  Do I really need to say anything more? 3. Mike Holmes - See previous post. 4. Michael Buble - I love the Standards, and this guy can sing them.  Plus, he's H-O-T! 5. Alex Trebek - I'm a Jeopardy geek.  I just can't help myself. 

Mike Holmes - The Magazine

I think I've talked before about my "slight" crush on Mr. Make It Right, Mike Holmes.  So imagine my thrill to be walking past the magazine rack the other day and see that he now has his own magazine.  How cool is that!  Apparently it's been available up there in the 51st state for awhile now, but it's just this year become available in the U.S. Hooray!  It took me, oh, about two tenths of a second to buy this month's issue.  I may not have a home of my own, but a girl can always dream.  Especially with Mike on the cover.  And as a plus, I'll know everything there is to know about caulk.


In the continuing saga that is my bike, I have taken to riding it again.  But this time, I don't foresee any more spills coming my way (say Hallelujah!).  You see, several months ago I purchased an indoor bike trainer, and have been able to ride my bike inside.  It's perfect for those snowy and icy winter days when you want to ride but don't want to be in the weather.  Or so I thought.  Because, sad to say, I still didn't ride it much.  Fact is, the seat was still a bit of a bum killer, and (I now know) was set way too high for me.  After complaining vocally about it, one of my co-workers came by and helped me lower it to the appropriate height for my short frame.  Let me just say that riding became a much more pleasant experience after that.   I try to ride faithfully most every day now, and I quite enjoy it.  In fact, my bike is now a pretty much permanent fixture in my front room.  However - my tush still isn't real thrilled with me.  See - the seat it came with