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It's well-known to those that are acquainted with us, that the Edwards family loves to sing together.  You could say that we come by this naturally - Mom and Dad met in college choir, and the rest is history.  All growing up, we did musical numbers in church, sang in school choirs, and on every family trip, you could bet on there being a version of "White Coral Bells" sung in a round.  We can't help it, we just love to sing. I for one have always felt that it went a lot deeper than just singing as a family. More like a love of singing was deep in my DNA.  The Edwards surname originated along the border of England and Wales, and it's also well-known that the people of Wales love to sing.  So although I have no historical proof, my own feeling has always been that it's the Welsh in me.  And that singing is something that stays with a  person of Welsh ancestry, no matter the years or the miles removed from Wales. This was kind of confirmed for me last nig

Garden Update

I've been remiss in not mentioning how my garden is doing lately, so I thought I should give a quick shout out and share a couple of photos.  First, my garden is doing, as they say, "absolutely mahvelous".  My two cherry tomato plants have grown so tall that they are now scraping the top of the balcony and bending over.  My cucumber plant has taken over and crept and clung to over half of the railing.  My pepper plants must be close to 4 feet high (no pepper nubs yet, but I keep hoping), my strawberry plant is lush and gorgeous, and my basil has already supplied me with a batch of basil-walnut pesto. This weekend, I even harvested some cucumbers and some tomatoes, and I'm expecting many more of each.  Bring it on!

Dirty Minds vs. Out of the Blue Compliments

So a couple of weeks ago, Inge was telling one of the "upstanding" guys in her ward about the Triple D Divas.  His comment back to her was along the lines of "How could Tracie be in the group? She can't be more than a C cup."  At first glance, this could be somewhat humorous.  But I find I've actually been quite irritated by it.  For one thing, it shows that he has a dirty mind (no, that is not what the Triple D Divas stands for, as anyone who watches "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" or reads my blog with regularity knows), and for another, it shows how shallow he is, and why he has not moved ahead in his life.  There are plenty of wonderful and virtuous single women around, but he can't see it because he's only looking for the shallow things that won't keep a relationship going.  (If I were being snarky, I'd have to mention that he's at least a B cup himself, so he's nothing to sneeze at.) Contrast that with an experience

Tracie's Holladay Inn

For several weeks this summer, I had my own bed and breakfast going.  Or, as my sister refers to it - The "Holladay" Inn.  First to arrive was my sister Wendie and her family who came and stayed for a couple of days in mid-June on their way home to Oregon.  The week after that, it was my brother Todd and his family from Tucson.  The week after that, it was my sister Stephanie and her family, on their way to their new home in Houston.  And a few days after that, it was Mom and Dad, on their way to the MTC and their mission in Mississippi. For the most part, a great time was had by all.  There were a couple of instances of sick kiddoes during the night, but other than that, we kept busy and enjoyed ourselves.  The best part was getting to see so many of my nieces and nephews and have some quality Auntie time with them. Should your travel plans bring you to the Salt Lake area, here's a list of amenities you'll find at Tracie's Holladay Inn: A spare bedroom