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Aunt Tracie Bakes!

Monday was a day off, so I decided to do the Auntie thing, and make my World Famous chocolate chip cookies for everyone. After a quick trip to Safeway to get the special ingredients, I whipped up a batch, just in time for all the kids to arrive at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It's a good thing I got these few photos of the baking process and finished product, because the kids devoured them so fast, there wasn't time to get any more pictures. I'd say my reputation and specialty are intact.

New Deacon

After the funeral events, and then fulfilling my temple assignment, I hopped a flight home last weekend to celebrate the birthday of Nephew #1 and his ordination to the Aaronic Priesthood. Several family members joined me there to celebrate the special occasion. In the LDS church, being ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood is a sort of "rite of passage" for young men. They are ordained through the laying on of hands, and given a blessing. This gives them the authority to act in and perform priesthood ordinances such as the Sacrament. Nephew #1's new responsibilities will include passing the Sacrament to the congregation, collecting fast offerings, and ministering to fellow ward members. It was a great morning, and not only was he so excited that everyone would be there for him, but he was definitely looking forward to his new role in the Church. He's such a great kid, and a wonderful example to his brothers and sister, and to all his cousins. After the


My brother-in-law's sweet Mom passed away a couple of weeks ago, so I attended the services. Years ago when he and my sister were first married, all of the siblings on both sides would frequently get together for family events, or just to hang out. His sister and I were even roommates for a couple of years. Those were great times, and despite the time and distance since, I still feel close to their family.  The services were wonderful. At times sad, but mostly uplifting, and full of faith in the Plan of Salvation and eternal families. The family referred to it as "Mom's Special Day", and it was indeed special. There was music, and testimony, and laughter, and plenty of great Polynesian food. I was very touched to be invited to be part of all the day's events.

Mardi Gras Success

At least I had one culinary success this weekend. Yesterday for breakfast, in honor of Mardi Gras and my friends on the Gulf Coast, I made a fabulous dish of bananas foster French Toast. Pretty pleased if I saynso myself. #letthegoodtimesroll.

Super Bowl Sunday

Not that I have much stake in this year's Super Bowl, but I did my American duty, and m ade myself some snacks and settled down to watch the game. Alas, my homemade mozzarella cheese sticks exploded, and didn't turn out as intended. #superbowlsnackfail. But although my team may not be in it, at least I'm still representing. Bear down!