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Taking the Car to the Mechanic

I took my car in to the shop early on Saturday morning. It's been acting up a bit, and I figured it was in need of a tune-up or adjustment on the timing. I was first in line at 7:00, but as the diagnostic technician was not in until 8:00, they gave me a ride home (thankfully it's only a few blocks) and I left the car there. I thought it was especially nice to be up that early on a Saturday, knowing they don't do appointments, and such a big help when they open early. But how helpful can it be when the technician is not even there when they open? Anyway, I continue...I talked to them about 10:00, and they said "we can't get it to act up on us, but we'll wait for the next guy to come in and see if he can get it to act up". Finally around 1:00, I decided to call them. I did, and I got the same routine as before. At which point I decide to walk down there and bring my car home. The thing is, mechanics always treat you like you're just a

I Flew!

So - yesterday was the big day. A group of us drove up to Ogden to go in door skydiving. We went through some training instruction beforehand, and then got suited up. We were in flight suits, and we had to wear ear plugs, goggles, and helmets, just as if you were skydiving from a plane. Then we waited in line to go into the wind tunnel for our 60 seconds of fly time. I was really quite nervous at this point. I was the second one of our g roup to go in. Indoor skydiving is actually much more difficult than you would expect. You lean into the wind, and it lifts you up, then you have to put your arms out, keep your head up, and bend your legs up. The wind is blowing so hard that it can be tough to breathe. I had to remind myself to do that. And it can be hard to ma intain your positioning. But the instructor is in there with you the entire time, and he keeps you from going too far up or down. You would think that 60 seconds is really nothing, but when you're actually i

Happy Birthday SLCRO!

Today is a momentous occasion It is the 20th Anniversary of the Holiday Inn Reservation Offices in Salt Lake City. We even had a big party in the break room in honor of the occasion, with a video, and recognition of some of the folks who have been here since the beginning. The SVP and VP of our group even flew in from Atlanta to make the presentations. I started here almost 13 years ago now. I moved to Salt Lake thinking I was going to be a Librarian, and I just needed a summer job until I began my Master's degree program. Well, let's just say that the Master's never happened, and I ended up staying much longer than I originally expected. Holiday Inn (now IHG) has given me a lot of opportunities over the years, and sometimes a lot of grief. But it's paid the bills, taught me job skills, helped me make friends and professional connections with people all over the world, given me a career, and taken me places I never thought I would go. I've survived company na

T Minus 2 Days

Two days to go until my big adventure. Here are some more clues: 1. It will require some extra training/instructions. 2. There will be a roof over my head.

T Minus 5 Days

Come Saturday afternoon, one of the items on my 40 Fabulous Things list will be crossed off. To keep you all in suspense, I'll be cryptic and only provide the following clues (those of you already in the know may want to hold off on commenting): 1. It will require travel 2. It will require special gear 3. It will require a bit of cash Let the guessing commence!

On to the Super Bowl!

Lest you all think I'm only a fan of baseball, let me just tell you how positively thrilled I am that the Chicago Bears traded for Bronco's quarterback Jay Cutler. Ever since moving to Iowa all those years ago, I've been a big fan of "Duh Bears". I remember the Super Bowl they won in 1986, with a team that included Walter Payton, William Perry, Jim McMahon, Willie Gault, Gary Fencik, and Mike Singletary, and that was coached by Mike Ditka. (Now that was a heck of a team.) The Soldier Boys have been in serious need of a punky QB (only a true Bears fan will get that reference) for oh, say 20 years. Sure, they may have gotten to the Super Bowl again a few years ago, but we all know it was not based on the talents and leadership of Rex Grossman. Kyle Orton last season was a bit of an improvement, but they missed the playoffs, so obviously he wasn't much of one. But Jay Cutler, now he will be exciting. The guy can certainly throw the ball, as well as orchest

No Love for April Fool's

Today is April 1, traditionally known as April Fool's Day. I got over this phony special occasion day long ago. It's the mean prank jokes that have never impressed me about this particular day. To me it would be one thing if the day was an opportunity for me to be silly or act like a fool. (But who am I kidding - who needs a special day to act like a fool when I pretty much act like one every day). I may sound like a kill-joy, but I've just never seen the humor in punk'ing someone to make them look bad or feel like an idiot in front of other people. For instance, my co-worker's son sent her a message this morning telling her and her husband that they were going to be Grandparents again. He was punk'ing them of course, but everyone in the family figured that out except her husband, and he was thrilled. Now isn't that rather mean-spirited to give someone such happy news, and have them gush about it and start making plans, then make them feel sad when