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Tracie's Holladay Inn

For several weeks this summer, I had my own bed and breakfast going.  Or, as my sister refers to it - The "Holladay" Inn.  First to arrive was my sister Wendie and her family who came and stayed for a couple of days in mid-June on their way home to Oregon.  The week after that, it was my brother Todd and his family from Tucson.  The week after that, it was my sister Stephanie and her family, on their way to their new home in Houston.  And a few days after that, it was Mom and Dad, on their way to the MTC and their mission in Mississippi.

For the most part, a great time was had by all.  There were a couple of instances of sick kiddoes during the night, but other than that, we kept busy and enjoyed ourselves.  The best part was getting to see so many of my nieces and nephews and have some quality Auntie time with them.

Should your travel plans bring you to the Salt Lake area, here's a list of amenities you'll find at Tracie's Holladay Inn:
  • A spare bedroom with an actual queen-sized mattress on the floor (additional full-sized blowup mattress and more blankets available upon request).
  • Your own family bathroom.
  • A sports room for the kids to play the Wii or watch videos.
  • A swimming pool - open all day from June to September.
  • A beautiful balcony to look out at the Cottonwood Canyons.
  • Laundry facilities.
  • Complimentary Cable TV (Includes ESPN, Disney HD, Fox News and Encore Westerns).
  • Complimentary continental breakfast (Note: we do not serve the Holiday Inn Express Cinnamon Rolls, but we do have cheesy scrambled eggs available upon request).
  • Access to bleach spray, plastic bags, a metal bowl, and sprite when your kids get sick during the night.
Attractions close by:
  • A library next door where your kids can check out a book or two using Aunt Tracie's library card.
  • Dairy Queen - only 2 blocks away!
  • Only 10 minutes to Millcreek Canyon, where you can have a hike and a cookout.
  • Creekside Park for frisbee golf (also has a kids playground with a fort)
  • Only 20-30 minutes from downtown attractions like Temple Square and City Creek Center.
Come one, come all. No deposit required, just a willingness to put up with Aunt Tracie for a couple of days.


Thanks for hosting us! We will definitely be back to Tracie's Holladay Inn. :) Sorry about the sick kiddo - next time will be better! And..... the cheesy eggs were pretty darn great!

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