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Work has been crazy busy for me lately. I've been in lots of meetings and conference calls, some of which have been at 6 AM. Oy vey! There's nothing like trying to be coherent on a call when you can't keep your eyes open and you don't drink coffee.

The company has been looking for new ways to generate revenue and be more efficient in a slumping economy. So we've been tasked with finding a way to allow our reservation systems to book large blocks of rooms that would normally need to be booked by a hotel. And not just to allow the bookings, but to build the process around it for how the agents would book the rooms.

The thing is that we are all analysts, and putting that many analysts on one project just means that you create more new and inefficient ways of working. So what was an idea that sounded easy ends up being harder and less efficient than if you had just left things alone. Seriously, I feel like it's one of those jokes about how many analysts does it take to screw in a lightbulb? The answer is that you never find out, because first you have to develop the process for how to screw in the lightbulb, and then hire staff to screw in the lighbulb, and figure out how you are going to create a report for it, then hire staff to run the report. Sheesh!


This all sounds a little like my Mom, my sisters and me. When we do a project. "Does that look good?" Then we pass around whatever it is to everyone to get approval. Then we all talk about how cute it is for 20 minutes. We get so much accomplished together!!

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For probably the last 10 years or so, I've had pretty much the same hairstyle. For the most part, it's been long, all one length, and I would eventually put it up in a ponytail almost every day, because I couldn't stand having it in my face. It drove me crazy, but I didn't know what to do with it, and at the same time, I liked that I could basically get up and go every day without a lot of effort. For the past several months now, I've been threatening to do something different and drastic, and finally, yesterday, I did. At the recommendation of Angel, I made an appointment with her stylist. It took several weeks to get in, but finally, the day arrived. Angel went with me, for moral support, and to be the photographer. I went in with some basic ideas, but after some consultation and looking at photos with Francine, this is what I ended up with. First, the "before" shot: In process: And finally, the finished product: I can't remember the last time
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