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Where Is Tracie's Brain?

So we all know how crazy life seems to get in December. We're working, attending all sorts of events, and trying to finish up all the things we haven't done. So last night appeared to be a gift. An evening off in December. As I headed out from the office, I had a lingering suspicion that there was something about the 17th, but I had no idea what it was, so went right on ahead with my plans.

First, I ran downtown to the dollar store to pick up a few things there. On my way home, I decided I'd better stop at Albertson's to get a few things there. I arrived home a little after 6:00, exhausted, hormonal and wanting nothing more than a bowl of popcorn and some diet pepsi for dinner. So I get undressed and in my pj's, then put the oil in the pan and get out the popcorn jar. I then realize there is not enough popcorn left. I also at that point realize there is no diet pepsi in the house. So....I put the clothes back on and run out to Smith's, because I knew I couldn't make it through the evening without either the popcorn or the soda.

I get home a little before 7:00, still exhausted, and still hormonal, and get in the PJ's AGAIN. I then proceed to make a rather large bowl of popcorn, and pour the soda into a glass. I turn on the TV, and I decide to watch the new Netflix movie that arrived the day before (It was a Kevin Bacon movie called "Taking Chance", which has him playing a marine colonel that is escorting a fallen soldier home. In other words, a 4-hankie movie). I put the movie in, and proceed to eat all the popcorn and drink all the diet pepsi, all the while, weeping over the movie.

As I'm sitting there, the phone rings a few times. My caller id doesn't work so well, so I let it ring, thinking that if somebody really wants me, they'll leave a message. I go on eating and watching the movie. The phone rings a few more times and still I don't answer it. It rings again, and still I don't answer it. Finally, popcorn finished, I go to check the phone. No messages. Satisfied, I sit back down to watch the movie.

By now, it's 8:00. I'm flat out on the sofa, in my PJ's, full of corn, pepsi and ibuprofen, the remnants of which I know is in my teeth. I've been weeping, so my eyes and nose are red. SUDDENLY - The doorbell rings. Who could that be so late at night? I look through the peephole and see that it's Diana. "What could Diana want? Were we supposed to be doing something tonight?" I open the door, and she proceeds to ask me several times if I'm ok. "Of course I am. I'm just sitting here eating and watching a movie." But she says that they tried calling me and calling me and couldn't get hold of me. "What's going on?" HELLO (insert in here that Tracie is a MORON)...We had Presidency meeting tonight!

OMH!!! I can't believe I forgot about that! As a rule, I find it prudent to attend those as part of doing my calling. Generally, one would think that the secretary is the one who is organized, but in my case, apparently not. Now I know what that "something on the 17th" was that I had the lingering suspicion about.

I doubt I'll be living this one down any time soon. Angie has already reminded me that we have a thing on Sunday. It's called "Church".


triciab said…
Tracie... we love you!
!nge said…
Good to see you in church! I'm glad you managed to remember to come ...

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