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Where That Road Goes

Friday morning I left the house to take a walk through the neighborhood. I took a regular route, that took me up to Cottonwood Lane, but instead of turning east like I normally do, I turned west. I've never gone that way before, and my thinking that I might be able to hook up with the street that goes past the Cemetery, and come back out that way. But - that would be a NO.

I stayed on Cottonwood Lane for what seemed like ages, and there were no outlets. But I saw some pretty country back in there, almost rural, and lots of big, pretentious houses along the way. I finally arrived at a T-intersection that connected me to Walker Lane. I knew that Walker Lane would eventually take me out to Highland Drive, and that would be faster than going back the way I came. So I went along Walker Lane, past even more large and pretentious houses, and eventually came out to Highland Drive, just south of the Greek Orthodox church, and several blocks further south than I thought I"d been going. Doh!  But, at least I now knew where I was.

I headed up Highland Drive, and luckily figured out how to cut some extra time off my journey home by cutting through on Arbor Drive, eventually going past the cemetery, and back to my normal stomping grounds, then heading home. 

All told, my walk was well over an hour, and I was plenty pooped. But it was a fun adventure, and I now know where Cottonwood Lane goes. Yay me!


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