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Chess Club

At work I serve as a member of the Employee Action Committee (EAC, for short). One of my responsibilities on that committee is to serve as the representative to --- THE CHESS CLUB. (A little backstory here - I work on the 5th floor, in Information Systems, which means I sit around a lot of men who are nerds. And because I sit around them, and they know I'm on the EAC, I was enlisted to be their rep when they submitted their club application. So, there I am.)

Now, the last time I played chess was probably in 6th grade. And I do not at all consider myself to be a chess aficionado. I know the game board looks like a checkerboard, and I know it has something to do with pawns, kings, queens, mates, and checks, and that you have to be really smart, and usually Russian to play it. But beyond that, I'm more familiar with "Chess" the musical than I am with the game.

But there I was today, at the first official meeting of the Chess Club, with a bunch of nerdy men, playing chess and apparently holding my own (as the EAC rep, I was just expecting to show up and hang in the back while all the guys played, but they were having none of that). Unbeknownst to me, I even pulled a "fork" move (whatever that is), and my opponent was very much impressed.

We have high hopes for our little club. We plan to meet once a month, and maybe do door prizes, and tournaments. In the meantime, I guess I need to start studying up on "Basic Chess for Dummies".


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