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On to the Super Bowl!

Lest you all think I'm only a fan of baseball, let me just tell you how positively thrilled I am that the Chicago Bears traded for Bronco's quarterback Jay Cutler. Ever since moving to Iowa all those years ago, I've been a big fan of "Duh Bears". I remember the Super Bowl they won in 1986, with a team that included Walter Payton, William Perry, Jim McMahon, Willie Gault, Gary Fencik, and Mike Singletary, and that was coached by Mike Ditka. (Now that was a heck of a team.)

The Soldier Boys have been in serious need of a punky QB (only a true Bears fan will get that reference) for oh, say 20 years. Sure, they may have gotten to the Super Bowl again a few years ago, but we all know it was not based on the talents and leadership of Rex Grossman. Kyle Orton last season was a bit of an improvement, but they missed the playoffs, so obviously he wasn't much of one. But Jay Cutler, now he will be exciting. The guy can certainly throw the ball, as well as orchestrate a winning 4th quarter drive.

So - Kudos to Lovie Smith and the rest of the Bears front office for working a trade for a real quarterback. It Cutler comes anywhere close to living up to his potential, I had better start brushing up on my Super Bowl Shuffle.


Jamie said…
Now JOhn has to get a new Bronco's jersey! He just got that Cutler jersey last year!
Tracie said…
Lol. He can still wear this one in memory of the one who got away.
triciab said…
What does "punky" mean?
Tracie said…
It's a reference to a rap song the 1986 Bears put out. In the song, Jim McMahon referred to himself as a "punky qb".

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