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Watch Your Step!

It's been a banner couple of weeks for the feet in the Edwards family. First, Brother #1 stubbed his bi toe very badly while he was out playing soccer with the kids. Granted, he was playing soccer in his bare feet. Then this week, one of the nieces stubbed her baby toe and either broke or dislocated it. Something about dancing with her sister in their bedroom with the lights out. Doh! Then yesterday morning another niece got into a fight with a bumble bee, and her little foot ended up losing. Poor thing.

Finally, we come to Aunt Tracie. The morning started out pretty innocuously. I was up a little early, doing chores, and went noticing I was out of paper towels upstairs, went downstairs to get a new roll. Trying to kill two birds with one stone, I thought I'd open the backdoor to put the plastic wrapper in the garbage. And that's where things took a turn. There's this thing on the bottom step, called a doorjamb. Completely unawares, the doorjamb reached out and attacked me. Or at least attacked my big toe. After a round of tears and cursing, I went upstairs to take a look, and realized that the toenail was broken to the point that part of it would need to come off. This was a task I wasn't about to tackle on my own. So I hit the shower, and took off down the road to be first in line at the instacare.

I got there right at 9:00 and while waiting I got to hear all the sob stories of the other patrons. First there was the girl in front of me who had anxiety and then started a meltdown when she was told that the doctor on staff, who wasn't her personal physician and had no idea who she was, would not fill her prescription for whatever antidepressant she was trying to get. Then there was the mother and daughter who were there for the girls second broken arm in two months, and I got to hear all about how she and her sister had been fighting, etc. As my friend says, everyone at the instacare has a story, and I got to hear them all. And now you get to hear them too. Aren't you lucky!

Anyhoo, I got in to see the doctor, who confirmed that the toenail would indeed need to be removed. He proceeded to give me a lovely shot under my toenail, and quick as a wink the nail was removed, and I left with a toe that was wrapped to three times it's normal size. It was wrapped so big that I couldn't get it back into my sandal, so I had to walk out wearing a footie on one foot. It was a look I liked so much, that I'm doing the same thing this morning.

And now for your viewing pleasure, the before and after shots. Warning: The following photo is a little gross.

After the doorjamb attack

After the doctor

Of course, after I got home, and despite my best efforts, I was on my feet most of the day. Seems there's no rest for the wounded.


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